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master thesis

Existing and Dying in a Data Obsessed Society.
The structure of the internet is too often perceived as volatile and immaterial. This is far from being real. The digital world has a physical characteristic that we pretend not to see. Its physicality is not solely represented by data centres and servers. It is more intrinsecally connected with the physical presence of the users. They are not seen through the lens of reality but merely as a digital projection of a real person. This project wants to explore the boundaries between Digital and physical, between virtual and real, between private and public, safe and exposed, matte and transparent. New technologies are playing a fundamental role in our lives, but we accept them without a critical reasoning about their potential consequences on our lives. We have embraced the data obsessed society we live in, we create, upload and share data, small fragments of our identity for everybody to watch and use it as they see fit. In this new subspace we place ourselves inside a Digital Panopticon. A virtual prison where we are observed without being aware of it.

designed by Lorenzo Bigatti @Designskolen Kolding (2019)

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