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in transition

Cellophane is a new non-profit design magazine, offering an innovative and thought-provoking point of view on design, aiming to tackle and discuss relevant issues of our cities, societies and the planet. As graduating students we wanted to push our boundaries and present our thoughts, capabilities and critical approach through this medium. Cellophane released two issues so far, titled "In Transition" (2018) and "In Tension" (2019). Our goal was to reflect the moments of change and tension not only in the content but also in its form. With over 30 students of the University contributing, Cellophane Magazine creates a new platform for exploring and displaying the potential of today's design youth.

founded and designed by Lorenzo Bigatti, Tamara Shawkatová, Alvaro Alcaide & Elettra Renzi @Designskolen Kolding (2018)

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